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In order to make a house a HOME, we can assist with the setting up of the following utilities. The sooner you're feeling at home, the more productive and positive you will be. All these issues may seem like minor details but they can be incredibly frustrating when you don't know the answers. Our Settling In Service will help you get established quickly and without any fuss so you can get on with your life.


  • Initial House Clean
  • Internet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Drinking Water Delivery
  • Electricy & Water

  • Satellite television
  • UK/US courier service
  • Newspaper subscription
  • Carpenter/handyman
  • PO Box

Our fees for setting up the services are BD 20 per hour.

(Cost of product/service in addition to our fee. CPR and a Bahrain bank account may be required)


Live and love Bahrain with an Expat Angel on your side

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